CSET Legislation Tracker

By Daniel Hague and Jennifer Melot

The CSET Legislation Tracker serves as a resource to identify and monitor federal legislation related to emerging technology and national security. In addition to widely covered bills such as the Endless Frontier Act and the National Science Foundation for the Future Act, members of Congress have introduced proposals to secure the U.S. research enterprise, bolster domestic semiconductor production capacity, promote technology alliances with like-minded partners and improve STEM workforce development. This tracker catalogues legislation on topics within CSET's key areas of inquiry and relevant to U.S. science and technology leadership.

Each piece of legislation is represented as a card. Each card includes the bill's title, sponsor, number of cosponsors and committee of jurisdiction. The panel on the right displays the CSET research topic within which the bill falls and the bill's current status. At the top of the tracker, users will find pinned cards highlighting specific bills that we deem significant based on widespread media coverage or notable movement through the legislative process.

The tracker will be updated regularly to reflect newly introduced measures. We invite you to submit general questions, comments or bills that we have excluded via the "questions and submissions" tab. You may download a csv of our current set of tracked bills.

The authors would like to thank Nicolina Demakos, Tina Dolbaia and Rodrigo Serrallonga for data aggregation, and Sue Ramanathan, Lynne Weil, Catherine Aiken, James Dunham, Shelton Fitch, Alex Friedland and Adrienne Thompson for their suggestions on style and content. This page is powered by data from the ProPublica Congress API and from Congress.gov. It was last updated on 2022-05-22.